Give a New Life to Your Practice

Automate your clinic processes including scheduling, clinic records and financials. Evaluate and improve by continuously looking at your performance through intuitive reporting

Create Online Presence

    Patients flock to Pliro to find the best doctors. Patients find us through our strong social media support and paid advertising, organic search from google and other referral programs. Once you are registered on Pliro, you can multiply your potential patient reach.

  • Complete your online profile and include all details about your education, qualifications specializations and experience.
  • Add all the different services offered by you to showcase your top treatments and procedures.
  • Build credibility and highlight your expertise by answering patient queries on our forum.
  • Collaborate with our marketing team to advertise on social media through Video blogs.

Manage Appointments

    Pliro lets you manage all your appointment data in one place. You and your staff can stay up to date with the latest schedules by conveniently checking your calendar on web or mobile application. With Pliro, patients can request appointment at any time without the need for your staff to be on the phone.

  • Create, cancel and reschedule your appointments from web or mobile.
  • Pliro sends automated notifications for as appointments are confirmed or status is changed.

Manage Patient Records

Manage patient records with Pliro and maintain their medical history.

  • Manage encounters with patients.
  • Pliro lets you review available patient history or add detailed diagnosis and notes,
  • Create prescriptions or add different observations.

Manage Billing & Invoicing

With Pliro you can easily manage financial records for the patients. All this data is linked with patients, appointments and services which makes it easy for you to track your invoice line items and easily bill your customers.

  • Create invoices using web or mobile apps.
  • Customize for your brand image and print them on paper if needed
  • Link all financial data with patients and appointments to run reports